Essays and Notes

  • Polar Codes
    Survey paper on Arıkan's construction of an explicit code family with asymptotically vanishing error probability and rate approaching channel capacity. This was my term project for 18.424 Seminar in Information Theory in Spring 2019. (pdf)

  • Application of Expander Graphs to Error-Correcting Codes
    Survey paper on the Sipser-Spielman construction of an asymptotically good, linear-time encodable and decodable error-correcting code. This was my term project for 18.434 Seminar in Theoretical Computer Science in Spring 2017. (pdf)

  • 8.04 Notes
    Notes I scribed for 8.04 Quantum Physics I, taught by Raymond Ashoori in Spring 2017. (pdf)

  • 18.404 Notes
    Notes I scribed for 18.404 Theory of Computation, taught by Michael Sipser in Fall 2016. (pdf)


  • Substitution Cipher Decoder
    Algorithm that decodes an arbitrary substitution cipher, using a Metropolis-Hastings sampler to learn the ciphering permutation. This was my term project for 6.437 Inference and Information in Spring 2018. Methodology is described here. (github)

  • Say-Command Song Generator
    Joke algorithm that renders a melody using only pitches from the Mac terminal's 'say' command. Listen at your own risk. (github) (demo) (demo 2)

  • Music Composition Bot
    Algorithm that composes a four-part (SATB) harmony to an inputted chord progression, observing 18th-century voice-leading conventions. Inspired by 21M.302 Harmony and Counterpoint. (github)


  • Do You Hear the People Sing? from Les Misérables
    Arrangement for seven cellos. For MIT Cello World, Spring 2020. (pdf) (video)

  • Studio Ghibli Medley
    Arrangement for violin, cello, and piano, featuring Princess Mononoke from Princess Mononoke and Innocent from Castle in the Sky. For MIT Video Game Orchestra, Fall 2018. (pdf)

  • Sparkle from Kimi no Na wa
    Arrangement for two violins, cello, and piano. For MIT Video Game Orchestra, Fall 2017. (pdf)

  • City of Stars from La La Land
    Arrangement for piano. (pdf)

  • Minuet and Trio in G
    Minuet and Trio composition for string quartet. This was my term project for 21M.303 Writing in Tonal Forms in Fall 2017. (pdf)

  • Piano Miniature
    Short piano composition for 21M.303. (pdf)